News Coronavirus. The government is ready to alleviate the health...

Coronavirus. The government is ready to alleviate the health protocol in business


The government is about to alleviate the health protocol in the businessby ceasing to consider teleworking as the norm, and replacing the rule of the “4 m2 per employee “ by a mere distance of a meter, according to a project of which AFP has obtained a copy Monday night.

This new protocol, that the minister of Labour Muriel Pénicaud you must disclose this week, takes note of a “health situation in the process of significant improvement “.

As a result, it abandons the current rule, which limits the number of employees simultaneously present in the premises on the basis of a “gauge “ of at least four square metres per employee.

Instead, the new document, revealed in a first time by the daily les Echos states that “every employee must be able to provide a space enabling him to comply with the rule of detachment physics at least one metre from any other person “.

The employer “may “ however, retain the principle of a “gauge “and “may “ the set of four square metres per employee, but this “indicative “according to the text.

It is expected that the port mask is not required that “when the distance of one meter between the persons is not real, or is likely not to be “.

Prepare for the return to normal

Regarding telework, it is not mentioned in the new draft health protocol that about “workers at risk of severe form of Covid-19or those who live in the home of a person in this case.

For these employees, “telework should be encouraged by employers, on request of interested parties “, says the text.

At the beginning of June, the Medef has called on the government to speed up the déconfinement companies, reviewing the sanitary protocols that apply to allow a “back to normal “ fast.

Last Thursday, the Confederation of small and medium-sized companies (CPME), had claimed to turn the abandonment of the sanitary protocols imposed on businesses “at the latest “ on 10 July, the date of exit of the state of public health emergency.

Questioned by AFP, the ministry of Labour has not confirmed the content of this text.



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