Health Coronavirus: Slimming down - diet, tips and Tricks

Coronavirus: Slimming down – diet, tips and Tricks


The standstill is over. The Kilos are on it. Tips and Tricks in losing weight and the diet to the Coronavirus Lockdown.

  • By the Coronavirus-Crisis were forced many people to spend more time at home and be less active.
  • Many came to the course on the scale of the shock: the Corona Time to have a lot of things Weight increased.
  • Interval fasting could help Feel-Good Kilos to be fast and in the long term lot.

NRW/ Dortmund – The Coronavirus-crisis* is gone there is hardly anyone unaffected: Without sports, and in the Home Office has quickly one or the other Extra Pounds on the hips lost. Now summer stands in front of the door and the Coronavirus-Measures more and more relaxed – many want the Extra Pounds so quickly disappear again. Just how?* gives a remedy.






Severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus




Beta corona virus

Coronavirus pandemic: the Home Office and closed gyms for weight gain

The past months were to remain dominated by home: Home
Officeclosed Fitness studios and a short way to the fridge. For most of us, where many now, Corona-Measures were relaxed, the big Shock the gear on the balance (all of the counselors and Service issues*).

However, the Corona Kilos are not Reason to Despair – finally, are also Celebrities already in the CoronaKiloThe case tapped: pop singer Michael Wendler (47), for example, has increased during the Coronavirus pandemic, also neatly* and now, almost 14 kilograms weighs more than last year.

Interval fast to lose weight to Coronavirus-time – how useful is it?

In order to Remove some of the myths* entwine: Crash Diets result known to be little sense, because hardly any are superfluous Pounds down, beats the JojoEffect to. Nutrition scientists and physicians to swear instead, more and more Interval fasting.

Interval fastingalso intermittent Fasting called, is, strictly speaking, not as a diet but as a form of nutrition that is becoming more and more popular.

16:8-interval fasting to Coronavirus pandemic: 16 hours fasting, eight hours to eat

When Interval fasting it is a matter of a day some Period to fasting and to take only within a fixed period of time foods. The most popular is 16:8-fast method. This provides that every day 16 Hours long fasted and within eight Hours eaten is.

In concrete terms, this means that a meal is omitted on the day. A lot of that this Almost principle follow, food, for example, between twelve noon and eight o’clock in the evening and let the Breakfast way.

The Coronavirus is from the Lockdown of one or the other has increased a little. To lose weight tips and Tricks, and diet.

© Monique Wüstenhagen/dpa

Corona-pounds: Several ways by intermittent fasting weight loss

The 16:8 interval fasting the most popular variant of the intermittent fastingbecause it is easy to comply with and be good as a permanent form of nutrition in the Everyday incorporated can be.

More stringent methods, such as, for example, the 20:4-fast method (20 hours fasting and 4 hours eating) are used by Physicians only as a Detox over a short period of time is recommended.

Another popular Fast Method is the 5:2 diet. This is two days in the week of fasting with a maximum of 500 Calories as a power supply. The remaining five days and then ate back to normal.

Corona-Kilos lose weight by intermittent fasting: the body converts to fat combustion

But this can Interval fasting really help Weight to reduce? By the Omission of a meal, people automatically take less Calories to – about five to ten percent, on average – but only if you can’t beat the rest of the meal then over the strands.

Apart from that, the human body, after about twelve Hours without Food on the Fat burning order – all are Carbohydrate Storage exhausted. The one who fasts 16 hours, you can assume that the body is splitting fat reserves and consumed.

The benefits of interval fasting: blood pressure and insulin levels will be reduced

The difference between the Interval fasting and a Crash Diet also, the body’s metabolism through Interval fasting not throttled, and also the muscle mass is not degraded. So is a The Yo-Yo Effectas in the case of a Crash Dietavoided.

Of a Acceptance apart the Interval fasting many other Advantages: So will the fasting Blood pressure and the Insulin levels be reduced, resulting in improved sugar and fat metabolism.

By the way: The human body is the Stone age to “Hunger periods“used to, even back then, people had to survive long time without food.

Interval fasting diet as a decrease in the possibility of not suitable for Everyone

But beware: if you the Interval fasting would like to try and Pre-existing conditions you should consult with a doctor.

Especially in the case of low Blood pressure, Metabolic disorders, chronic diseases, Cancers, high age, Eating disordersPregnancy and during breast-feeding is Interval fasting rather not suitable. For everyone else it could be, however, the solution for or against the Corona-Kilos be.

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

Section list image: © Monique Wüstenhagen/dpa


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