World Coronavirus: Bar on the 'Ibiza ski' in Austria responsible...

Coronavirus: Bar on the ‘Ibiza ski’ in Austria responsible for a large spread of spread – Coronavirus


Patient zero in England left Ischgl

Ischgl, the ‘Ibiza ski’, is in the news this time for the worst reasons. From that small Austrian town of 1500 inhabitants – which normally receives 10,000 tourists in high season – at least 500 confirmed cases of coronavirus have emerged in countries such as Norway, Denmark and Iceland. The focus was the popular Kitzloch bar.

A barman was positive on February 24 after being hospitalized and is believed to have infected only 24 people. Videos were released in which he tried to put a table tennis ball in beer bottles, which led the authorities to ask people who were at the bar between 17 February and 7 March to visit medical centers.

It has already been confirmed that patient zero in England has left Ischgl. The individual concerned was in the Austrian city with three friends from Denmark and the United States and they all tested positive. In Iceland there are 15 confirmed cases from this location.



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