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Corona: Tönnies meat at Aldi, Lidl and co. – consumer care: “The meat is fire dangerous”


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Can you get infected by Tönnies meat with the Coronavirus? We summarize for you, in which products Tönnies meat is and what you should consider.

  • In the Battle Friction Drive Tönnies over 1300 employees have Coronavirus* infected.
  • The criticism of the company from Rheda-Wiedenbrück (Gütersloh district) is growing.
  • But the outbreak is due to the Corona Mass also Risk for consumers?

Rheda-Wiedenbrück – The Corona-scandal in the meat processor Tönnies expands. In the meantime 1331 employees with the Coronavirus infected (stand 21. June). Approximately 6,500 employees and their families were in quarantine, said Tönnies on Twitter.

Fierce criticism of Tönnies after hundreds of Corona infections

The consequences are immense: The North Rhine-Westphalian Prime Minister Armin Laschet does not exclude a Lockdown, also, to withdraw claims to the managing Director all around the Schalke Supervisory Board Chairman Clemens Tönnies were loud. Also a Video that showed a crowded canteen of Tönnies, caused a stir.

In addition to the Corona Mass Outbreak Tönnies was also due to the working and living conditions for the Employeeswhich come mainly from Eastern Europe, have come in for criticism. Previously, a number of slaughterhouses, for example, in Baden-Württemberg had announced, again and again, many Corona-cases among the employees.

Many consumers are after the mass outbreak in the toennies meat factory in Rheda-Wiedenbrück now unsettled. You can consume the Tönnies meat safely? Or you can by meat from the Tönnies-with the Coronavirus infect? And what are the products of the flesh of the slaughtering operation is processed?

According to Corona mass outbreak in a circle Güthersloh (NRW): Is there a risk for consumers by Tönnies meat?

In this issue, the expert opinions diverge. Dr. Georg-Christian Zinn, Director of the hygiene centre Bioscientia compared to described RTL the risk of by meat with corona virus infection as “to the neglect of more”, as these “are more likely to be transmitted via the respiratory tract and aerosols” to be. The possible amount of corona virus is not high enough.

Also a nutritionist, Sabine Klein, who is at the consumer advice centre NRW for the topic of meat is responsible, declared to the The West German General newspaper (WAZ) (Paid content): “According to present knowledge, is the consumption of the meat from Tönnies-Operated in Rheda-Wiedenbrück safe.”

Can be transferred to the Coronavirus by Tönnies meat? Experts disagree

Not at all “harmless” finds Prof. Klaus-Dieter Zastrow, chief of the hygiene Institute in Berlin, the Tönnies meat. He said (Paid content): “The meat is highly dangerous. If it was not heated stronglyyou can’t use it.“ He even warned: “You can’t now abverkaufen the current production, otherwise a correct virus wave over the Land is yet time.”

A risk also sees epidemiologist Professor Timo Ulrichs, who told RTL: “The danger of a contamination of the surface, including the surfaces of the produced meat is, of course, because you know that the Virus can stay on surfaces longer.” He also strongly recommends the Meat is not raw to eat.

Corona Mass burst: So you recognize the Tönnies meat in the supermarket

As Sabine Klein said to the WAZ, the meat products that are packaged and sold in the supermarket, on the basis of the Identification sign recognize, which is printed in an oval circle on the packaging. According to the Verbraucherzentrale NRW, which are marked to products with Tönnies-Fleisch with the following numbers: NW 20202 EC, NW 20028 EC and NW 20045 EC.

Tönnies products at Aldi and Lidl – these fresh meat brands, is the company

In the case of Lidl Tönnies-products are, among other things, under the brand Country Junker to find. Aldi* leads Tönnies-Fleisch, for example, under the brand My Butcher in the cooling shelves.

Tönnies’s behind Tillman’s products

In addition, Tönnies sells under the brand name Tillman’s numerous Convenience food and frozen products, and fresh, packaged meat. These include:

  • Tillman’s Toasty
  • Packaged products, such as minced meat, Steaks or Sliced meat of Tillman’s quality butcher shop
  • Castle of meat, Spare Ribs, Schnitzel, Swedish meatballs, or Cordon Bleu of Tillman’s
  • Tillman’s sausage specialities

Sausage brands of Tönnies

Numerous Sausage brands included Tönnies-Fleisch. It is in the sausage products “The Mills Group” (according to Tönnies-Homepage-market leader in self-service sausage and canned sausage in Germany), processed, and the following sausage brands include:

  • Böklunder
  • Könecke
  • Redlefsen
  • Schulte
  • Zerbster Original
  • Plumrose
  • Nölke (Gutfried)

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.


Section list image: © dpa / David Indian song


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