Sport Club icon Van den Heuvel stops after twelve years...

Club icon Van den Heuvel stops after twelve years as team manager PSV | NOW


After this season, Mart van den Heuvel sees it as PSV’s team manager. De Brabander will reach retirement age in two weeks, but will remain affiliated with the Eindhoven club.

Van den Heuvel, 66, has been active within PSV for almost forty years. He started as a physiotherapist in 1980 and has been working as a team manager since 2008.

After this season, Van den Heuvel will be replaced by Bas Roorda. The former goalkeeper is currently working as a goalkeeper coach for FC Groningen and previously played for PSV. In Eindhoven he will be supported and trained by Van den Heuvel, who will also continue to fulfill a number of tasks related to team management.

PSV will say goodbye to goalkeeper coach Ruud Hesp and video analyst Wim Rip next summer. The expiring contracts of the pair are not renewed. The agreements with physiotherapist Falk Louwers and cameraman video analysis Jean-Paul Boomgaart are also being canceled.

Earlier this month it was announced that Roger Schmidt will be PSV’s trainer next season. The German takes over the duties of interim coach Ernest Faber and takes one assistant trainer with Jörn Wolf to Eindhoven.



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