Cibodas Botanical Gardens Modernization Supports Health Protocols, Visitors Must Have Been Vaccinated

TRIBUNJABAR.ID, CIANJURCibodas Botanical Gardens (KRC) Cipanas, Cianjur Regency, modernize supporting tools health protocol in the middle of time pandemic Covid-19.

This is done to show that Cibodas Botanical Gardens is a safe and comfortable tourist place to visit.

General Manager Cibodas Botanical Gardens Cipanas, Cianjur Regency, Marga Anggrianto, said, Cibodas Botanical Gardens already known as an educational place that has health protocol good.

This is marked by obtaining a strict CHSE certification, and all employees are actively involved as agents of change in the face of adaptation to new habits (IMR).

“For visitors who want to enter the Cibodas Botanical Gardens We require that they have been vaccinated, and show the evidence with an application to protect them,” said Marga, Sunday (1/16/2022) in a release received by

Marga said, when showing the PeduliLindung application before entering, of course you have to do the following: scan barcode.

“This is done in order to facilitate discipline in monitoring the health of visitors, and to show the total capacity allowed in the tourist area,” he said.

In addition, continued Marga, in the area of ​​the Cibodas Botanical Gardens, additional facilities were also carried out health protocol the new one, namely a body temperature checking device with sophisticated tools

“Cibodas Botanical Gardens has also added a disinfectant booth for visitors. Before entering the Botanical Gardens tourist area, it is ensured that visitors who enter are sterile from viruses carried from outside so that visitors who enter the area can be confirmed that they are completely healthy and sterile,” he said.

According to him, KRC is also equipped with health facilities that are better than the average facilities owned by other tourist attractions.

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