News Chumel talks about the controversy with Conapred, they feel...

Chumel talks about the controversy with Conapred, they feel discriminated against


Chumel Torres it is in the centre of the controversy due to the participation that would have in a forum on racism and classismorganized by the National council To Prevent Discrimination (Conapred)which was subsequently cancelled by the criticism about the inclusion of the youtuber.

This sparked a debate on networks that are joined by prominent figures of the political, such is the case of the president Andrés Manuel López Obradorthat in his lecture in the early morning of this Wednesday, he showed his rejection by the also comedian. Due to all these events, Torres decided to clarify his position and impressions during an interview with Azucena Uresti in the program that the journalist has in Radio Formula.

In the night, I’m mark the owner of the Conapred (Mónica Maccise) and we talked long. And I said, ‘Hey, if affects you, the image of the Conapred, I under debate. I don’t have any problem, so that the Conapred is good and discussion is given; I did not participate and already. But don’t cancel the event because that is going to be worse‘. Then it happens that the first lady makes a tweet about it and it all comes down. What a slouch! I never had been discriminated against as well and less of a device designed to avoid prejudice and discrimination,” he said, ” Chumel on how he perceived the nullification of the forum.

The driver of the program The pulse of the Republic he said that the action to cancel the event “I did salinista; I was made very ‘Apagame that forito’. No one wants to lose work, and they dismantle things.”

He also mentioned that the president stated in his against: “My graduation today that the president mentioned in the morning what happened and, worse still, that he did not know the Conapred. I said: ‘This is a miracle'”.

“I already put the apology to the lady because I think my mom, rest in peace, because I would have been scolded for not asking for forgiveness. It is not my intention to offend a chavito. What happened was that that child receives a certain nicknamethat all the world is saying as well, not I invented, and I only mention it in a program for us,” he said of the nickname that has been referred to the youngest son of the president on repeated occasions.

First of all the media scandal erupted in recent days around his person, Chumel added that criticism on networks and on the part of the authorities will not affect. What it offends is “that people are killed working on the Commission for Prevention of Discrimination and Racism in Mexico (sic) and the president in the morning he says that we know; imagine working you for opening the freedoms, for the prevention of racism, and in the morning the president says he has no idea what the hell you do“.

The comedy of Chumel Torres

Faced with the question of if you think your comments are offensive to some people, Torres spoke of his comedy: “Its formula (the comedy) is tragedy plus time. You have to use the tragedy. Usually, what I’m talking about in my programs, is issues readable in the sense of policy, people who are corrupt.”

I’ve mocked (Michael) Barbosa ‘n’ times and offer a public apology if he would not have said that women who kill were with the boyfriend. What I do is a joke, what the lord does is reality. I’ve mocked a thousand times Manuel Bartlett telling her she has the face as the mask sad theater, but he has 24 houses, and the office of the Prosecutor not said anything. We mock each other”, he added.

Chumel also pointed out that The Interviewa funny movie made by the actors Seth Rogen and James Franco in 2014, gives you envy because, but ran into trouble in the united States by the topic addressed – a meeting with the president of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un – Obama supported the tape.

“It is very cannon that is submitted with a magnifying glass larger to a comedian that the doctor Mireles when I said pirujas women and nothing but they sent him to a course“, he said.

How racist mexico?

Before closing the chat, Lily questioned the youtuber if you believe Mexico is a racist country.

“Decidedly. We’ve all been or what we are or what we will be in a moment. I think that Mexico suffers from it, a lot; obviously more towards people of brown skin, as he talked with Tenoch Huerta: living racism all the time,” he said Chumel.

“Yes, it is systematic, it is macho Mexico, it is sexist, it is classist. There’s not a single commentator of news moreno until Amador Narcia… spent years for that to happen; there is not a single starring moreno that is not the role of a criminal or the bad: the same Arellano Felixin the number of drug Traffickers, are put to Diego Luna, the most hot of life. But it is that: blanqueamos to our protagonist“, he added.

Chumel shut down their answers by counting why makes jokes: “Do I make jokes? Yes Are You Offensive? Of course. But I make jokes even: I make fun of the chairo, the fifí, the metalhead, the buchona, and grupero, because I am all of those. For me, in a very strict sense, if we laugh all of ourselves, we join more“.




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