Charlene of Monaco exhausted by her treatment, her faux-bond to Albert explained

Contrary to rumors, Charlene of Monaco was not on the family getaway with Prince Albert of Monaco, and their twins, Gabriella and Jacques at Disneyland. The reason finally revealed! It’s not about a marital crisis or crossing a stormy new zone. She would be exhausted from her treatment for depression.

Disneyland makes the eyes of all the children shine, including those of Gabriella and Jacques, who seemed delighted with this escapade, even in the absence of their illustrious mother.

This visit was organized on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the amusement park.

In the photos published by the Spanish magazine Hola, we discover Prince Albert and his twins pose happily with Mickey and Minnie in front of the famous castle.

Princess Charlene is said to have disappeared – once again. However, this would have been an opportunity for the princely family of Monaco to silence bad language.

A track is evoked to explain this absence. This family getaway would be too exhausting for the Monegasque first lady, still recovering.

“Anyone who has ever walked the 22.3 km² of Disneyland knows how exhausting a visit like this can be. At the same time, of course, such photos also help position Prince Albert as a “super dad” just in case.” If so, it is undoubtedly an allusion to a possible failure of Charlene of Monaco.

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