Chapter 10: Blood and the Slide

Blood is dripping on the cement steps. And it is expanding, little by little.

The two sweaty women pull the heavy burden, which eventually slips down the stairs, before tipping onto its side, once again. Even two, they are no match.

It must be said that Normand Rouleau is a piece of man. Its 6’5 “frame and 53” torso swing the “scale” at 325 lbs. Naked.

To find clothes, the ex-felquiste has never been able to count on the Woolco and other Miracle Mart of this world, whose sizes do not exceed the traditional Large. He dresses at Grover & Sons, in Verdun, one of the few stores to have understood the problems of oversize. Or even at Bovet, when it has to be chic.

So for the two rather petite women, transporting the corpse turns out to be a daunting task.

Rouleau’s imposing build predestined him to work as a carpenter in the construction industry, where heavy loads follow one another day after day. And lately, at the Olympic Stadium, there is no shortage of books for the union members of the FTQ. The entire planet is expected to open the Games on July 17 in less than two months. Montreal’s pride depends on it.

* * *

Anita Bling does not take long to recover from her emotions. The sight of hot blood and the corpse hardly moves him, so great is his hatred of men. Another sickening less, she told herself, gritting her teeth.

After the shot, she holds her glass of cognac, then proceeds to extract the body of the apple-green Swan armchair to slide it towards the Italian marble floor. She then wraps it twice in one of the sheets of the four-poster king bed in the master bedroom, not without breaking three freshly painted nails.

She pours herself another brandy, picks up the phone and dials the same number again. The bells are ringing at last.

” Yes hello ?

– Carmen, I need you now.

– What’s going on, darling?

– Plan B arrived faster than expected. The fool, he would have screwed everything up.

– He would have ? You mean you got it …

– Yes, yes, he is there, on the floor. And we have to get rid of it. ”

On receiving the phone call, Carmen does neither one nor two. She jumps in her Corvette, crosses the city at full speed and lands on Sunset Street, in Outremont. Along the way, CKAC hosts commented on the main news, whether it is the 44% salary offers for nurses, the 1 billion debt of the Olympics which has earned Robert Bourassa to be called “eater. of hot dogs ”by Pierre Trudeau and, of course, the mystery surrounding the Stanley Cup.

The two women, one in a Cardin dress, the other in a sports outfit, must compete in ingenuity to move the colossus. They decide to use the maple slide that hangs in the garage, roll Roller over there and slide the bloody load on the marble floor to the outside, on the garden side.

As Anita goes downstairs to get the sled, Carmen retrieves Rouleau’s car keys, goes outside, and pulls the felquiste’s Ford Torino back to the backyard. The two accomplices count on darkness, the late hour and the isolated entrance of the neighbors of the Outremont residence to go unnoticed.

“Three,” said Carmen. One, two, three, we shoot. One, two, three, we shoot. One two Three… ”

Foot by foot, the wooden sled moves painfully. Suddenly, stupefied, Normand Rouleau starts to move and moans!

“Ahhh …” the two women shout, letting go of the toboggan rope.

Anita rushes to her mahogany sideboard, picks up her revolver and fires two more shots at the mirror cabinet.

“Stop, stop,” said Carmen, “it’s only a spasm. ”

Reassured, the two women continue their work to the doorstep of the exit. They manage to pass the load there. Blood drips down the cement steps and it spreads, little by little. The slide eventually slid down the stairs, not without tipping the body to the side, again.

After various maneuvers, Anita and Carmen manage to drag the remains to the large trunk of the Ford Torino.

Finally, they say to themselves, they will be able to drive the car to a sinister place and put the murder on the backs of the mafia. After all, the settling of scores has multiplied since the inception of the Commission of Inquiry into Organized Crime (CECO). One more or one less …

Carmen takes out the keys, opens the safe, but oh woe, a big silver container loaded with names and dates already occupies a large part of the space: it’s the Stanley Cup …

This is a work of fiction. The story borrows the names of real characters, but all the elements reported in this thriller are the fruit of the overflowing imagination of our columnists and journalists.

Dive back

in the atmosphere of the 1970s while listening The giant Beaupré de Beau Dommage, the musical choice of Francis Vailles, and discover our playlist of classics that Baptiste Bombardier would undoubtedly have played at full blast in his yellow Pontiac Astre!


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