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CD Tenerife measured Rayo Vallecano with the same eleven last week in Extremadura with the novelty of Suso by Moore with respect to the victorious team of Almendralejo. The people of Tenerife were looking for their third consecutive victory, an achievement that had not been achieved for two and a half seasons. At that time, the Tenerife technician was Joseba Etxeberría, and it was at the beginning of his stay on the island. In the stands a great atmosphere with the initiative devised by the club to be able to withdraw each subscriber up to four tickets both in today’s match and that of Elche next Saturday.

In front of a Rayo Vallecano that has had in the last weeks more extra sports news than merely sports. A team that appeared without its top scorer Leo Ulloa, seriously injured this week, and with only three more points in the leaderboard.

The initial stages of the clash were of a rayista domain that from the beginning showed that it was going for the three points at stake. Electric and vertical game that tried to surprise the players of Baraja who gradually settled on the playing field. At 10 ‘a shot from Mario Suárez to the post with a subsequent delivery over Isi’s crossbar became the best play of the game. Tenerife replied at 22 ‘with a frank action at the edge of the area when Dani Gómez after controlling when trying to finish off saw Mario Suárez steal the ball thwarting a clear opportunity for the locals. The party had a high rhythm. Very fast transitions with forwards prevailing over defenses. Thus came the chance for Aitor Sanz at 27 ‘with a shot from the front of the area that cleared the rayista defense. At 31 ‘Tenerife claimed a possible penalty from Catena to Joselu that neither the referee nor the VAR after reviewing it considered deserving of sanction. Tenerife came more clearly to the opposing area than the rival, proof of this being Suso’s last chance that a visiting defender took off almost on the goal line.

The second part began with a variation on the Vallecano painting. The central Saveljich left the field of play being replaced by Milic. The system on the pitch of the Paco Jémez team did not change. Finally, the Serbian Sipcic recovered because of different physical problems he needed medical attention in the final moments of the match.

Tenerife in this initial section of part did not finish being comfortable with the very long team and Rayo better settled on the green without creating danger on the goal of Ortolá. Exactly the same thing happened as in the first period. As the minutes passed the local team became more comfortable. At 62 ‘forward Joselu once again had a clear opportunity to get ahead on the scoreboard after making a wall in the front of the area with Milla who finished first by rushing on the occasion.

The meeting did not have as many facilities in both areas as in the beginning of the match. It was more difficult to create and finish it by entering the match phase where neither team wanted to risk what was achieved. Baraja moved the bench with the first change. American Moore reinforced the right wing with a double side. The one sacrificed with that change was Captain Suso Santana. The rival did the same with the entry of the Peruvian Advlink. The two teams shared the right wing being occupied by two specific sides.

The shock entered in the last fifteen minutes of the game. Javi Muñoz oxygenated the midfield removing an offensive reference like Joselu to play with three footballers in the central midfield area. The second plays were almost all rayistas. The last minutes plow constant siege looking more at the local goalkeeper than in the entire game. Even with corner kicks that endangered the tie.

In the end, a draw just where Tenerife was better in the first part than in the second. The Baraja team has 33 points, 4 points above the drop.


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