Candidates in uncertainty about The Voice sequel: ‘It is very sour for us’ | TV

entertainment">“Of course it is very sour for us as candidates. You have invested time and energy in it, but that is nothing compared to what has happened,” says Jeffrey Schenk, who appeared in the first episode of the for the time being last series of The Voice was seen and in Team Waylon ended up. Britt van Coezand also understands the situation. “You think: oh my god, I don’t want to be in between.”

entertainment">Schenk considers the chance that the program will return is small. “You are a bit insecure. But as the days go by, you find that the chance that this season can still be finished is getting smaller and smaller,” he says. Nevertheless, the singer hopes so. “It is not for nothing in 180 countries on TV. It is a very nice springboard for if you sing and want to get into the profession. That has to continue, but something has to change first.”

entertainment">The voice of Holland was immediately taken off the tube last weekend after the online program Boos dozens of cases of sexually transgressive behavior by some of the program’s prominent figures. Singer Anouk then left, as she called it herself, the ‘corrupt gang’ and immediately stopped as coach of The Voice. Program director of RTL Peter van der Vorst was unable to say anything about the future of the show on Friday.

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