California resident wins nearly $ 700 million in the lottery

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Powerball lottery ticket

The size of the jackpot in the last draw was the seventh largest in the history of the American national lottery.

California resident won $ 699.8 million in the Powerball lottery. According to the agency Associated Press, the win was the seventh largest in US history.

It is noted that the ticket, which matched all six digits, was purchased at a grocery store in Morro Bay.

The winner will be able to claim the full prize over 29 years or a one-time pick of $ 496 million. Both options are additionally taxed.

The identity of the lucky one is not yet known, since he has not yet submitted an official application.

In addition, on Tuesday, October 5, five more Americans participating in the lottery received a million dollars each.

It was previously reported that US woman accidentally washed a lottery ticket and lost $ 26 million in winnings

American woman won twice $ 2 million in one lottery drawing

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