British pub chain: with open pubs Boris Johnson now had no hangover with party gate | Financial

Trained catering staff would then have ensured that the parties now taking place in Downing Street were safe, JD Wetherspoon said in his trading update. The pub chain was hit hard by the catering closures at various times in the UK.


In the past three months, the turnover of JD Wetherspoon’s bars has fallen by more than 16 percent due to new corona measures. The chain therefore again lashed out at those rules by stating that the catering industry had shown that it can open safely and that there were no major outbreaks that could be traced to pubs.

Public finances would also have looked better, according to the company, because the taxes paid by the pub chain and its customers normally amount to 15 million pounds a week.

The VAT that pubs have to charge on food and alcohol, while supermarkets did not have to, were also a point in the interim update for JD Wetherspoon. During the corona pandemic, pubs temporarily had to charge less VAT, but that has already been reversed. JD Wetherspoon grumbles that supermarkets can stunt beer prices while the hospitality sector is still badly hit.

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