Brad Stevens could make a proposal to the Brooklyn Nets

One of the teams that still has a lot to say in the NBA Market is Brooklyn Nets. The situation of some of the players on the roster that Steve Nash commands is not clear at all and could lead to a series of movements that would end up redesigning the current form of the NBA roster.

Above all, the matter of Kyrie Irving and his absence from games as a result of his rejection of the Covid-19 vaccination could lead to the departure of one of the best players in the league. But not only the playmaker could change of scene.

James Harden is the second sword of Brooklyn Nets, although the New York franchise does not emanate a sense of non-transferability of the player. La Barba continues to be one of the most reliable scorers in the league, a very difficult shooting guard to defend at one-for-one, and those are the elements of his game that the Boston Celtics wants to take advantage of.


As reported by many North American media linked to NBA information, Brad Stevens is considering the possibility of reactivating the operation that Danny Ainge has already tested: that James Harden Be a new Boston Celtics player, defend the green colors and become the star of the team alongside Jayson Tatum.

For this, from the TD Garden they would be willing to offer an attractive piece such as Jaylen Brown, in addition to other secondary pieces and a future round of the NBA Draft.

Already tried to get it Danny Ainge during La Barba’s stay at the Houston Rockets, although without success. Now, from the Massachusetts franchise they want to see if the possibility of adding one of the most decisive players in the league is feasible, even if they lose such a talented player.

Would New Yorkers accept if they end up receiving a formal proposal?


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