Boycotts Postnord and Zalando: – It is shameful

– It is shameful, says Anne-Linn Lernes, one of the Postnord customers who is now boycotting the company after the recent revelations, to

In October 2021, Nettavisen revealed that Postnord parcels ended up at auction at Auksjonshuset AS, and that the shipping company had zero control then private packages were also resold privately on

Last week, it became known that Postnord broke with Auksjonshuset, and that the latter has since reported a riot. In parallel with the cases in Nettavisen, has revealed that the freight giant uses subcontractors who pay lice salaries to their drivers.

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The impression is confirmed on the Facebook group Postnord boycott:

“70% of drivers are not satisfied with working in postnord,” writes one who has worked four months as a driver for the company.

“I just have to say in general that this form of business is not only unethical, it is dangerous. If they are pressed for time, they may also drive dangerously “, writes another Postnord customer.

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Runs for 30 kroner an hour

A Ukrainian driver stated to that he received 400 kroner a day on assignment for Lithuanian Girteka, while he was actually entitled to the Norwegian minimum wage, which is 185.50 kroner an hour.

Another driver says that the rates with the Baltic carriers are between 70 and 90 euros per day, plus a winter supplement of 10 euros. But this includes a diet supplement of 55 euros a day to cover fixed expenses including food and drink. In practice, this means a salary of around 30 kroner per hour for the Baltic drivers.

One of the companies that uses Postnord is the internet giant Zalando, which offers free shipping. Not all customers like it – on the grounds that free shipping must mean less payment to those who ship the goods.

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Protests against free shipping

– There are no good arguments for not paying them properly. Postnord is responsible for checking that subcontractors also operate on equal terms, and they are trying to turn this responsibility away. It is shameful, says Anne-Linn Lernes to

She has decided to boycott both Postnord and Zalando.

– Consumers have a lot of power when we want, she says.

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Postnord itself believes that the company takes social dumping seriously. According to press manager Haakon Nicolai Olsen, only 3.7 percent of the company’s freight in Norway takes place with so-called cabotage (hired foreign carriers).

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