Bomb successfully detonated after it was found – car traffic collapsed

A 250-kilo bomb was found and blown up in Bremen’s Neustadt district. Car traffic was temporarily dense due to delays.

A British World War II bomb found in New Town was detonated on Wednesday afternoon because it could not be defused due to its condition. The bomb was found in the area of ​​the road at the Neustadt freight yard.

Due to the barriers, traffic in downtown Bremen came to a standstill, as “buten un binnen” reported. All main roads on both sides of the Weser in the area of ​​the Stephanibrücke were clogged with trucks and passenger cars.

Bremen: drive around the area extensively

The police had predicted traffic jams because both the B75 over the Weser and the 281 city motorway in Neustadt were closed because of the blast. The railway line between Bremen and Oldenburg was also affected. After the blast, the police announced that the streets would be gradually opened again.

The location of the bomb in the new town: The demolition took place in the late afternoon. (Source: Bremen Police)

The affected area had to be evacuated and cordoned off within a radius of 500 meters. The measures had taken a long time, and there were repeated delays in the evacuation.


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