Biden Considers Boycotting Beijing Winter Olympics

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Government United States of America under the President Joe Biden reportedly considering a diplomatic boycott of the title Beijing Winter Olympics in February 2022.

CNN reported that Biden did not disclose these considerations in a virtual conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday.

However, several US officials told The Washington Post that Biden is expected to accept a recommendation not to send a dignitary to the event.

Usually, the White House always sends official delegates to the opening and closing events of the Winter Olympics.

The recommendation for a diplomatic boycott has been echoed recently by several officials, including the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

They consider this boycott necessary as a form of protest against human rights violations in China. On this basis, a number of Republican Party cadres even called for the US not to send athletes to the Olympics.

However, as of Tuesday (16/11), the White House still refused to respond to the news of the boycott plan.

“I can’t add anything to the issue. However, I can say that it’s not part of the conversation [antara Biden dan Xi],” said White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates.

This news comes after last week, US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, stated that the government was having “active discussions” to determine its position regarding the Winter Olympics in China.

At that time, Blinken was also asked for his opinion on whether US athletes should participate in the event or not, considering that China was accused of being involved in genocide against Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang.

“We’re talking to allies, partners and world countries about what they think about the event, about their participation. The conversation is still ongoing. We’re still discussing it,” said Blinken.

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The Winter Olympics will take place from February 4-20 in Beijing. When asked about the deadline for sending US representatives to the competition, Blinken evaded.

“Yeah, we’ll see. The game starts in February. Before that, [kami akan memastikan], “he said.



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