Beau thinks this is the ‘biggest loss’ since kids left home

While Beau and Ernst enjoy the Italian delicacies, they talk about life. Both fathers have seen their kids fledge and exchange their experiences. “I think the biggest loss is that they are out of the house, that full table with those gobbling boys,” Beau says about his sons Bram, Tijn and Bobbie. Only Beau’s youngest, Jan Arie, still lives with him and his wife Selly.

“Was it with you that they eat so much that you think: this is not healthy?” Beau asks Ernst. The new Minister of Health, Sport and Welfare recognizes this. Although Ernst finds it getting used to when his children come over again, since it then sounds as if they are ‘breaking things down again’.

There was quite a bit to do to Lake of Beau. Some found the resemblance to Villa Felderhof very obvious:

In addition to Ernst, Edsilia Rombley was a guest in what is already the last episode of Lake of Beau used to be. The program can be viewed at Videoland.

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