News “Barcelona is left behind, it does not regulate well...

“Barcelona is left behind, it does not regulate well mobility”


The new normal requires you to take firm steps towards a new urban and metropolitan mobility that respond to what citizens need. So what you think Mar Alarcón, founder of Social Car, which urges administrations to promote regulations that push toward a true intermodality, in his judgment, the great unfinished business of Barcelona and its environment.

In the desescalada the car is gaining momentum.

It is seen as a means of insurance against infection. And must have its space, coexisting with the rest. Restrictions may apply or encourage them to be more efficient, but does not penalize him without any sufficient alternatives.

What they are not?

In many cases, not. And we don’t have a real intermodality between public transport, motorcycles, cars, bikes, and scooters in shared taxis, VTC… This is what is needed and not being promoted. Not regulated good mobility, continue mantra ideological and electoral interests without responding to the needs of the people.

Your company entered in the business of VTC a year ago…

Yes. And we have met all of the standards, also the 15 minutes of pre-hire of the government, which is absurd because it goes against what users request. Neither does it serve to the companies. We stopped the activity by the state of alarm, but we have already decided not to take it up again. It is not cost-effective.

And what about car sharing ?

It is another story. Our platform (private rental) is working very well and in the desescalada we have more bookings than anticipated, even rv for the holidays, that have been triggered by the fear of contagion in other accommodation and transport. But notice, we don’t have a good regulation. In Madrid there are many companies of car sharing of all kinds that give service in the city. In Barcelona not. You are falling behind. And that is the capital of the european mobility…


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