News Barcelona cares for its youth star

Barcelona cares for its youth star


The announcement that the players of the Barcelona they return to training he put nervous to Maria towers, mother of the youth player Christian Gallant.

“Mom, I already want to go train with my colleagues,” repeats his parent. She smiles every time she hears it and asks her to take great care when she does, to avoid spreading Covid-19.

“It scares me, but my son already wants to go to the court. Has almost 3 months locked at home, “said the mother of the player who lives in the cooperative Development Communal, of the Island Trinitarian, where Gallardo moves alone, under the instructions given by the coach through the Zoom.

The 16-year-old midfielder was promoted to the top team this year. He even made the preseason in Portoviejo and even played several minutes in the Yellow Night, where the Italian was the guest of honor. Alessandro Of the Piero.

“My son will not go with the elders, they will wait for him to return when the U16“Added the lady and that reassures her a little, because her offspring will be home longer.

His colleagues with whom he worked full time in the preseason held in Portoviejo They will return to practice on June 8, but Cristhian Gallardo will wait until the second order. “Before the health emergency started, I trained at U-16. They lowered him for the games he was supposed to play in his category. Now they told him not to go on June 8, to wait, “the soccer player’s mother told EXTRA.


Maria said that the running of the bulls has her little, even more so that he is alone, because he has no brothers.

“He works at home so he doesn’t miss a beat, but he wants to do it in the stadium, he doesn’t like me to watch him when he’s doing the exercisesbecause I don’t know concentrates“Added the lady who does not stop repeating the prevention tips to apply to avoid infections.

“This coronavirus It is worrisome and now that he soon resumes his training, I tell him that he must take the necessary precautions, since he will have a lot of contact with other people, ”said Gallardo’s mother, who only hopes that they will summon him to practices with adults, to continue to gain confidence and before long be the new ten of the yellow team.

“I always repeat that you should wash your hands, to put on alcohol Before and after training, do not get too close to people, because they will not wear masks when they have to play. In addition, he must abide by the coach’s orders, ”he emphasized.

With other mothers

María Torres reported that her concern is also shared by other mothers of players, with whom she chats daily.

“They tell me that their children also want to train because it is not the same to be at home than on the field with their classmates and teachers. In addition, they miss the games they played weekly, “he said.

To the selection

Christian Gallardo plays ten. And his good command of the ball, skill, shot or quick touch, made the coaching staff of the Ecuadorian Football Federation summon him to the U-15 team that participated in 2019 in the South American played in Asunción (Paraguay). He was a starter and scored a goal against Argentina, which they beat by 3 goals to 2. And before the health emergency was declared, he was summoned for a tour of Europe that the Tri-sub-16 had planned.



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