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Autopsy reveals that the death of Carlos Luis Morales was due to natural causes | Politics | News


The autopsy conducted to the prefect of Guayas, Carlos Luis Morales, revealed that his death was due to natural causes. The officer died the morning of this Monday, after suffering a heart attack.

Morales was taken to a private clinic in the avenue Samborondón, where they confirmed his death.

According to the forensic report, the cause of the death of Morales was for an acute myocardial infarction, respiratory failure, acute edema lung, and pulmonary thromboembolism. “As the cause on aggregate, a hypertrophic cardiopathy, and a deep venous thrombosis, all of these characteristics are consistent with a death of a natural kind”, referred to the Legal Medicine report.

In addition it was noted that he took samples for toxicological studies and histopathological.

The remains of Morales are viewed in the camposanto Parque de la Paz, located in the parish, Aurora, in Daule.

The Provincial Government of Guayas decreed three days of mourning for the death of his maximum authority. (I)


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