Austria extends EU-10 lockdown by 10 days

  • December 1, 2021

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  • The Austrian parliamentary committee is expected to approve a decision to extend the coronavirus lockdown by 10 days, bringing its total duration to 20 days, Reuters reported.

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    Coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19) 28763

    Earlier, the Austrian government said the lockdown would last a maximum of 20 days.

    Amid an increase in the daily number of coronavirus infections, the government introduced a new lockdown, which began on Monday last week. In this way, Austria became the first Western European country to introduce lockdown this fall.

    Austrian Minister of Health: Vaccinated are better protected by new strain of COVID-19

    About 67% of Austrians are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, a small number for Western Europe. Many Austrians are skeptical of vaccines, a view that is also supported by the far-right Austrian Freedom Party, which is the third force in the Austrian parliament.

    The lockdown in Austria is expected to last until December 11.

    The total number of deaths from COVID-19 in Austria is 12,492, informs BTA.

    Everything on the topic:

    Coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19)

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