Augsburg panthers: Augsburg panthers at least get one point in Cologne

The Augsburg Panthers receive another away defeat in Cologne, but show a good performance over long periods. Adam Payerl scores both AEV goals.

Cologne In unsteady times they worry Augsburg panther for Constance, even if they would like to be more inconsistent in this regard. Because there was also a defeat in Cologne, the team of coach Mark Pederson remains a point supplier away. Two victories on foreign ice are now faced with a whopping 14 bankruptcies. After all: In Cologne the Panthers showed a good performance, only had to admit defeat 2: 3 (1: 1, 0: 1, 1: 0, 0: 1) in extra time and therefore took one point back Augsburg.

Augsburg Panthers gave up several good chances

Cologne, which has had a strong season so far, has the best power play team. Mark Pederson should have betrayed his team, but they conceded the first goal in the first outnumbered situation. Ex-panther Jon Matsumoto was a perfect fit for Landon Ferraro, who had no trouble pushing the puck over the line to make it 1-0 (3rd). The panthers reacted with furious attacks, but managed several times to give away the best opportunities. Since the Haie were just as wasteful with their chances, which was also due to the strong Olivier Roy in the AEV goal, the hosts kept the 1-0 lead until 38 seconds before the end of the first period. In the meantime, Drew LeBlanc had failed standing alone against Haie goalkeeper Justin Pogge. But then, parts of the Cologne defense were apparently already halfway in the cabin, Adam Payerl stormed up and away and scored with a placed wrist shot to equalize 1: 1 (20th).

In the second round, Cologne dominated immediately. Augsburg, on the other hand, did not seem to have saved the euphoria of the just scored goal over the break. Logically, the home side took the lead again. Marcel Barinka hit through the huge gap opened by the two Panther defenders Henry Haase and Jesse Graham (27th). The Haie remained the better team, the guests only sporadically took place on the offensive at times. It took until the final minutes of the first third before Augsburg also radiated a little more goal danger again.

In majority, the Augsburg panthers in Cologne were too harmless

At the beginning of the last section, the panthers were allowed to try their hand at the majority for the first time. But unlike the sharks, they brought little constructive together. Too much remained piecemeal for Pogge to be seriously challenged in the Kölner Tor. Then excitement when both teams were complete again. Adam Payerl deflected a shot from Wade Bergman to 2-2. The Cologne complained high stick, the referees took video evidence – and stayed with their decision: a regular hit.

Now a rare event was looming: an AEV away win. There had only been two so far this season. But there was no more hit. Renewal. And in that the sharks had the better end for themselves. Andreas Thuresson scored to make it 3-2. (how)

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Augsburg Roy – Valentine, Lamb; Haase, Graham; Longer, Rogl; Bergman – Max, Eisenmenger, Campbell, Payerl; Sternheimer, Stieler, McClure; Puempel, Nehring, Saponari; Kharboutli, LeBlanc, Mag. Eisenmenger

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