News Attack in Glasgow. Six people hospitalized including a...

Attack in Glasgow. Six people hospitalized including a police officer, the suspect was killed


Scottish police said they killed a suspect in an attack on Friday June 25 in Glasgow (United Kingdom). A large police force was deployed in Glasgow city center and several streets were closed. Six people are hospitalized, including a police officer.

The attack is not not considered terrorism. The investigation continues, according to the police.

The individual on whom the police opened fire died. Six other injured are in hospital, including a police officer who is in critical but stable conditionScottish police official Steve Johnson said on Twitter. He had specified earlier that the suspect on whom the police opened fire was a man. According to the Scottish Police Federation, an organization which represents officers, the injured policeman was stabbed.

Johnson recalls “terrible incident”

According to the association Positive Action in Housing, specializing in the accommodation of migrants, the events occurred in a hotel that welcomed refugees.

The Scottish Kurdish Association, quoted by the newspaper Glasgow Times, said that around 100 asylum seekers were accommodated in this hotel and complained of being stranded inside, without money, while some suffered from health problems.

Without giving details on the facts, the political leaders very quickly expressed their emotion. The head of the British government, Boris Johnson, reacted in a tweet referring to a terrible incident. I think of all the victims and their families, he continued before thanking the emergency services.

The news from Glasgow city center is really appalling. My thoughts go out to everyone involved, for his part tweeted Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish Prime Minister.

“The situation is contained”

The street has been closed and the public is asked to avoid the area, according to the police, that the situation is contained and there is no danger to the public.

This incident occurs six days after the death of three people in a knife attack in Reading, an attack qualified as terrorist by the British police.

In a tribute to the victims on Monday, Interior Minister Priti Patel said that the security services have thwarted 25 plans for attacks in the past three years, including eight fired by the far right.

Unchanged, level of terrorist threat remains classified important, or the third degree on a scale of five.



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