Atlas surprises America and defeats them at the Azteca Stadium

America looks disoriented, soulless. Of that team that excited its fans in 2021, there is very little left in terms of football.

Bitter presentation of the Eagles in the Azteca Stadium. The azulcrema succumbed to Atlas (0-2) with a brilliant Diego Barbosa in the 70th minute and another goal from Jonathan Herrera.

Those led by Santiago Solari (absent due to expulsion) offered very little, the ideas in the attack were minimal and what they managed to put together were either missed in the area or rejected by a great Camilo Vargas.

At 78′, Federico Viñas, recently admitted, was expelled for an imprudent play, according to the whistle.

Jonathan Herrera with great definition in added time, sentenced some Eagles that look without a compass and without being able to use all their reinforcements.

Alejandro Zendejas made his debut, but could not make much of a difference; Jonathan dos Santos received a light ovation at 78′, but he couldn’t show himself either.

América, with two games in Clausura 2022, adds more expulsions (3) than points (1). The Baños Out begins to gain strength, although, what was shown tonight in the Colossus of Santa Úrsula is enough to “ask for the head” of more than one. Difficult times are coming in Coapa.

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