Asteroid ‘swims’ by Earth: ‘larger than an apartment building’ | Abroad

That qualification is given to any asteroid of any size that comes closer than 7.5 million kilometers. And 388945 2008 TZ3 Although it is ‘small to very small’ for an asteroid, it is nevertheless of considerable size: an estimated 500 meters in diameter. This makes the space stone larger than, for example, the Empire State Building, The Sun has calculated. As fast as the asteoid approaches, so quickly departs 388945 2008 TZ3 again. At a speed of about 8 kilometers per second, the stone hurtles through the solar system.

388945 2008 TZ3 like the planets in our solar system, it orbits around the sun. She completes it in 732 days, almost exactly two Earth years. That’s why we see 388945 2008 TZ3 visit with some regularity. that last happened on May 10, 2020, when the Earth was passed at a distance of about 2.8 million kilometers. next time 388945 2008 TZ3 ‘near’ will be on May 25, 2024, but at more than 11 million kilometers.

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