Arón Piper and Jessica Goicoechea, confirmatory kiss!

After the intense search for a flat in the center of Madrid, the couple is once again the focus of attention. Little by little we are deciphering all the keys to the relationship, and the truth is that Aaron Piper (24) and Jessica Goicoechea They make it a little difficult. But don’t worry, because this time something has happened … And THERE IS PROOF! We have a photo kiss!

Since summer, the love between these two seems to be going from strength to strength, surpassing all the criticism and above all, the gossip and rumors. It was just a few months ago when the couple decided to make their thing official, and from then on it has been all news. The couple, despite carrying their own discreetly, have been seen together on several occasions, the last time in the streets of Madrid, in search of a love nest, their first floor.

With chimney?

Now, we have fresh new news. Everything has taken place in the model’s birthday party… which by the way, Congratulations Jessica! The ‘influencer’ organized a birthday party in which we could see all his friends and ‘influencers’ around him, and of course, his partner. Goico, how could it be otherwise, surprised us with one of his ‘lookazos’.

‘Influencers’, costumes, ‘drag queens’ … Come on, a party that has been a real fantasy, what would you have liked to be at? Yes to us.

As in any celebrity party, you cannot miss a trusted photographer and this time he was his friend. Albert Mullor. He was in charge of creating graphic content to make everyone envious on Instagram, and said and done. He has also given us a gift that nobody expected … THE KISS!

Yes, yes, the photographer captured a nice kiss between Jessica Goicoechea and Arón Piper, a moment that we thought would never come … But it has come!

Here is the photo carousel that Albert has shared, and if you take a look, the second photo is that of the crime, the most awaited photo, the kiss between the ‘influencer’ and the ‘Elite’ actor. What a big kiss sir!

Happy 26 Jessica, and may you be very happy (eating partridges or whatever you want, go)!


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