News Argentina hit a dead end in talks to restructure...

Argentina hit a dead end in talks to restructure its debt


News, Lib | directlyI’ve been in talks Argentina with international creditors on restructuring the debts to a standstill, with the government’s intention to give no further concessions after the submission of the improved display recently.

The source said the Ministry of Economy, told Reuters, unnamed, on Thursday, that his country is committed to borrowing its recent net worth is about 50 cents for every dollar and guarantees linked to the exports of Argentina, a presentation that was shared with the creditors during the recent talks.

And Argentina in the talks even the structure of the debt by about $ 65 million, which became unsustainable after the extension of negotiations more than once to be a country of South America to date with an extended period of defaults.

The source added: “the government believes that the proposal to creditors cost non-sustainable the Argentine people”.

The group of owners of the bonds the principal reported in the statement of the Argentine government moved away from the proposal made to the creditors described the talks as “failed”.

While reported, the Ministry of economy of Argentina in a statement yesterday that it could not “commitment in a responsible manner” the terms offered by the creditors, adding that some of The “does not substantially comply with the debt sustainability framework necessary for Argentina to restore macroeconomic stability and make progress towards the programme with the International Monetary Fund”.

She continued: “Furthermore, revealed the process of interaction with the investor community we have to request of investors vary greatly and cannot be reconciled easily.”

I watched the news in the source directly (economy)



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