are the “anti-shit smell” drops dangerous for health?

Are you a regular – or occasional – user of the vials of “Post-poo drops” better known as “anti-poo odor drops” from the Aesop brand? You will have to bring them back to your store immediately.

These drops could, in fact, cause respiratory arrest, poisoning. They would also represent an environmental risk, according to the recall notice issued by Drink reminder, official platform of the administration. In details, Swallowing the drops or getting the product into the respiratory tract can be fatal.. In contact with the skin, a risk of skin allergy is also put forward.

The authorities now advise to “no longer use the product” and to “return it (…) to the point of sale”. The list of distributors who have had this product on their shelves can be consulted in line. These vials were distributed in France between December 2015 and October 2021, throughout France, particularly in the Aesop brand.

Concretely, you will have to get closer to the place where you bought these famous anti-odor vials. Secondly, a repayment will be given to you.

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