Apple will fall into line assures Kuo

Apple would have finally decided to line up behind the European laws on the question of USB-C on the iPhone.

It’s been months, years that the conflict lasts between Europe and Apple. The Cupertino firm defending a freedom of innovation, when the institutions of the old continent want for their part “to protect the rights of consumers”. A difference in the vision of new technologies which could well be fatal to Apple, the European Union not seeming ready to yield on this point.

Today, the vast majority of smartphones use a USB-C port to charge phones and transmit data (to a computer for example). An efficient connection solution that allows you to quickly recharge a device and transmit data with a very good flow. A solution that therefore seems to offer only advantages.

USB-C at the heart of all discussions

An option so perfect that Apple has even adopted it for its iPads, replacing the Lightning port which was placed at the foot of the Apple tablets. But now, when we talk about the iPhone, it’s another story. Since 2012 and the release of the iPhone 5, the Lightning port has been Apple’s reference, to the point that the charging cable is often called “an iPhone charger” as it is closely linked to the phone at the apple.

A 10-year-old story therefore, but which despite the constraints of users, many of whom want the arrival of a USB-C port on the iPhone, should have continued for years to come. Yes, but, because there is a but, Europe and more specifically the European Union has decided otherwise.

Indeed, the institution of the old continent wants to make life easier for users and reduce the number of connections. According to a directive in preparation, USB-C could become a mandatory standard for all smartphones sold in the territory of the EU from January 1, 2024. A decision which, if not yet taken, n didn’t please Apple.

Apple will give in, Kuo says so

So Apple, after threatening to leave the European market, would have turned around. According to the latest information from Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the most advanced analysts when it comes to Apple, Apple is preparing an iPhone with a USB-C port. Great news, the latter should be released on the market in September 2023, under the name “iPhone 15” also tells us the expert’s tweet.

With this (major) change for Apple, the Apple brand could comply with European rules even before they come into force. Accused from all sides, the Cupertino company could agree with Europe on this subject. Good news for the authorities of the old continent which should in the future turn to the other big problem when it comes to Apple: the App Store.

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