Apple sort la version 4 de Swift Playgrounds

Announced at WWDC last June, Swift Playgrounds 4 is finally available! This tool allows you to develop applications for iOS and iPadOS directly from the iPad, and this new version eliminates the need for Xcode on the Mac to submit the final project to the App Store. The application is primarily intended for beginners who wish to learn how to create applications with the Swift programming language, Apple notably offering courses and exercises.

Here are the new features of this version 4:

• Create iPhone and iPad apps with SwiftUI, right on your iPad (requires iPadOS 15.2 or later);
• App Store Connect integration allows you to upload your completed app to the App Store;
• The app preview shows the changes you make to your app in real time;
• The full screen preview allows you to see your app on the whole screen;
• Smart, built-in code suggestions let you write code quickly and accurately;
• App projects allow you to move projects to Xcode and vice versa;
• Searching in the project allows you to find results in several files;
• The Snippet Library offers hundreds of SwiftUI commands, symbols and colors;
• Support for Swift packages allows you to add public code to enhance your apps.

This new version requires iOS 15.2, available since the beginning of the week. You can download Swift Playgrounds 4 for free on the App Store.

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