Technology Apple Silicon : "the Mac will be the Mac...

Apple Silicon : “the Mac will be the Mac you know and that you like “


For the first time in the history of personal computing, an enterprise master completely the design of its computers, from the operating system to processors. This company, you will have understood, this is Apple. Chastened by the stagnation of the PowerPC and then Intel, encouraged by the success of the processors in the iPhone, Apple will integrate its own chips for future Mac.

A Mac with a processor Apple runs a GNU/Linux system in a virtual machine. Image Apple.

The Mac becomes an iPhone as another

The large business of reshaping macOS reaches its logical conclusion : after reviewing all the intermediate layersApple refreshes the front with macOS Big Sur, and reiterates the foundations with a new microarchitecture. Since yesterday, the x86 and ARMv8-A are to be treated on an equal footing. Apple is expected to introduce new machines equipped with an Intel processor this year, and support existing machines for a few years.



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