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Apple presents its iOS14 and innovations for the Apple Watch


San Francisco – The american multinational Apple today introduced the new operating system for phones iPhone iOS 14, which entered as one of the main innovations for a redesign of the home screen grouping apps by categories automatically, and allows you to “widgets”.

You can review what happened here:

With this announcement began the annual conference of developers WWDC the company from Cupertino, California, that this year for the first time in its 31 editions is digital-only because of the pandemic of COVID-19, with free access to the 23 million Apple developers in the world.

The grouping of applications on the home screen is done by using the new App Library (library), with the goal of maximizing your options without having to slide the finger between different screens from left to right or vice versa. One of the categories is “Suggestions”, which uses artificial intelligence to recommend those applications that the system considers are most useful to the user in each moment.

Another new feature of the redesigned start screen is the inclusion of “widgets” that allow you to get information at a glance such as weather prediction or stock exchange index, and which until now were only visible in the screen of “Today”, but not in the boot next to the amp.

In addition, iOS 14 allows the application of text messages mark as featured and climb to the top of the contacts list and conversations specific; adds several new emoticons (including one with a mask); and introduces in Apple Maps specific addresses for routes on bicycle or electric vehicle (the latter include the recharging points).

As in the case of the iPhone, the latest version of the operating system for iPad, introduced last year – also was named iPadOS 14, and is basically an adaptation of iOS 14, with some special characteristics of the tablet as a functionality of recognition of handwritten text.

The smart watch of Apple, one of its most popular products of recent years, also received their relevant software update with watchOS 7, which presents for the first time a functionality to “help you sleep better”, as indicated from the company.

This option allows the user to set a time to go to bed, after which the device will go into a state of “do not disturb”, will trigger application of relaxation and meditation, and during the hours of sleep will use micro-movements and measuring of the breath to produce daily reports of the quality of the rest.




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