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From birth, Anthony De Vecchi fell into the world of cycling. “My mother was at the Circuit de Saône-et-Loire and lost the waters. My uncle who was a mechanic at SCO Dijon and my grandfather who was a referee went to get my father. Everyone was aware that David De Vecchi had just retired from the race. Finally, he could have finished, I took more than 24 hours to go out. We still laugh about it “, explains to DirectVelo the Côte-d’Orien, originally from Thil-la-Ville which was born on April 24, 2005.

His grandfather Jean-Marc is the president of the Pédale Semuroise, his uncle Arnaud had taken over the presidency before disappearing five years ago following a long illness. His father David evolved at the high level amateur and met his wife during a general assembly…. Of the Pédale Semuroise. His mother’s brother, Cyril Lecler, was also an amateur cyclist. In fact, he quickly got on the bike. “As soon as I knew how to walk, I didn’t really have much of a choice (laughs). But I didn’t like competition so I quit when I was 12 “. Despite everything, he continued to follow the races of the Pédale Semuroise by car. “I followed in particular with Marie-Christine Régnet. I took notes on the runners released, like the other referees. I was always interested in what they were doing. She offered me to take the referee exam which I passed in March 2019. I did not have a period of reflection, it was done quickly “.


Anthony De Vecchi started refereeing on rounds of the Regional Young Cyclists Trophy, then he went to the Trophée de France in Saint-Nazaire. In the meantime, he had his first experience on an Elite race as a trainee during the Tour de Côte-d’Or. “When I started, I felt like I was opening a new door in cycling, discovering another world. I no longer knew there were so many motorcycles and cars. I thought you had to learn everything by heart. I was 14 years old, in terms of authority, it was a little complicated at times, even if they say that I am older than my age. The organizers and the other referees knew my name. I have always met benevolent referees, who give me advice ”.

At the same time, in 2020, he embarked on organizations with the Coupe de France des departments in Semur-en-Auxois, the AUTOSUR Prize bringing together Minimes and Cadets, which was finally postponed to June 2021. “I had this desire to develop club cycling. I wanted to try to bring something new. I didn’t think I would get so involved. I immersed myself in it, I like it “. In this year 2021, he also managed the Grand Prix de Pouillenay at the beginning of April which was promoted to All Categories with the Covid. “We decided that three weeks before. It was a huge chance, we had more than 200 participants. It took a long time with the emails and calls to the prefecture. Fortunately, I was only one week out of two in high school. So it was my first organization. We had good feedback from elected officials, runners and sports directors ”. At the end of May, he also organized the Côte-d’Or Championship in Vic-sous-Thil with more than 350 competitors.


The Pouillenay festival committee finally wanted the Grand Prix to return to 2.3, J in 2022. But Anthony De Vecchi has launched a new challenge for next year. He created the Côte d’Or Classic Juniors, together with Dijon Sport Cyclisme (DSC – read here). “I had this idea to create this Federal Juniors for a long time to do something good, worthy of the club as before the Circuit de l’Auxois (Elite event until 2014, Editor’s note). I had suggested the idea of ​​replacing the old cyclosportive of the Monts de l’Auxois to rejuvenate. I am more focused on young people. The distance was 130 kilometers as it should be for the Juniors. Finally, I approached the DSC. What was to be a one-day event will be a stage race. It’s earlier than expected and that’s great “.

He is also supported by his father David during meetings with the municipalities. “I thought I was going to be able to be a bit lonely. But a deputy mayor looked at us strangely with Alexis Mercier (from DSC, Editor’s note) who is also young. It took someone older to reassure him. Fortunately my father was there. With the sports assistant from Semur-en-Auxois, there are no worries, he knows me but this is not the case for all municipalities ”. His grandfather Jean-Marc also helps him with the courses. “He is responsible for security. This is what he has always done. We went to see the roads together “. Finally, he is also supported by his mother Amélie, who advises him and who will take care of the race website. Anthony De Vecchi is well surrounded. It is an asset in an organizer.


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