Antapani Police Conduct Fogging Activities to Prevent the Danger of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) – POLRI PRIVATE DIVISION

Sunday, January 23, 2022, 08.30 WIT. As a measure to anticipate the dangers of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) in the transition season, Antapani Police conducts spraying or fogging as an effort to prevent and spread dengue.

Antapani Police Chief Kompol Asep Muslihat S. SH. Msi along with the Kanit and Panit as well as from the DHF Task Force Team, carried out fogging on all Office Buildings, Police, Sector and Koramil Government Agencies, Public Facilities and Sports Facilities as well as Playgrounds.

Fogging is a method that uses SMASH 100 EC insecticide in an effort to kill adult mosquitoes that cause dengue hemorrhagic fever

This second day the fogging targets are focused on:

– Village office page

– Water tunnel

– Mosques and Mushollas

– children’s play facilities

– building building.

Bandung Police Chief Kombes Pol H. Aswin Sipayung S.IK MH Through Antapani Police Chief Kompol Asep Muslihat S. SH. Msi said the second day this time will focus on places of worship, schools and buildings

Fogging is an action that is believed to be effective as one of the efforts to control the outbreak of dengue fever, as well as suppress the development of mosquitoes.

Furthermore, the Police Chief said that only by using a machine that can produce smoke containing insecticide mixed with SMASH 100 EC Type Drugs. The healer gets rid of mosquitoes.

And the plan is that the fogging agenda will continue to be carried out and hopefully with the fogging of dengue cases, especially in the Antapani police area, it can be resolved.

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