Angy Fernández does not hide: she knows what Verónica Forqué felt

Angy Fernandez, actress and former contestant of ‘Factor X’, he has raved about the depression he suffered until recently. He did it in a conversation with Risto Mejide (47) in the program ‘Everything is true’. His words are sincere and serve to reflect on this serious health problem.

‘Everything is true’, the format hosted by Risto Mejide, focused on the theme of the week on December 15: the suicide of actress Verónica Forqué, found dead at her home in Madrid. They talked about depression and one of the people who intervened via video call was Angy Fernández.

The program had compiled several images of Forqué talking about his emotional situation. The guest, Angy, couldn’t help the excitement when she saw these images. She felt identified. Two actresses, and in fact they had worked in ‘Ali’, the first film of the actress of ‘Physics or Chemistry’.

Although for Angy Fernández the least thing is what each one does: “The profession does not matter. Everything she was saying, ‘I can’t take it anymore, I have to be humble and I have to stop’, I have felt it. Seeing her like this is hard. Many people in their homes now, seeing the tragic end, I imagine they will feel the same and they will understand a little more “, the actress explained.

Angy stars in a documentary about depression

Angy suffered from depression from the age of 19 until recently. I also felt anxiety, but he has said that he is much better for three years. This is not the first time that the actress of ‘The call’ talks about the problem. He did it on Instagram and his followers have not stopped thanking him for it. They ask for help.

The actress also participates in ‘It’s not depression, it’s depression’, a documentary series in which he relates his personal experience. Your goal is to break stigmas and break the taboo. Do you want to see it? It is on the website of Janssen.


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