Sport André Marín will publish a book that will shake...

André Marín will publish a book that will shake Mexican television


André Marín has been consistently singled out as one of the causes of José Ramón Fernández abandon Aztec TV and has even been rated by this like a “traitor”, although the Fox Sports host is determined to tell his truth in a book which, it promises, will shake Mexican television.

Marín explained that he decided to tell his truth at the insistence of his relatives and with the support of Arturo Elías, this after he has constantly been placed as “the bad guy”, the one who turned his back on those who once held out their hands.

“I am writing a book that is going to be hard, uncomfortable; a book that in due course could sway Mexican television. The time has come to tell many things“he commented Andre in an interview with Javier Alarcón on YouTube.

“Yes, of course (a story has been created against him). The time has come to tell it, we have prepared everything very carefully and it won’t take long for it to be completed, “he added.

Marín will tell ‘very strong things’

The driver added that has damaged him too much what has been said against him, but now finds the right conditions to respond to all this, with all the possible consequences well analyzed.

“I have never answered but the time has come to tell the truth. I was betrayed“he commented, before detailing how he decided to write the book which he hopes will be ready next year.

“My closest friends told me: ‘Hey, it’s about time. You’ve been quiet for so long, you’ve been so respectful to the person who gave you a job. It would be healthy for you to go out and explain everything that happened.'”

He wishes José Ramón to be happy

Despite the shrapnel he has released José Ramón Fernández Against him, Marín indicated that he wishes him the best in his life and “that he be happy”, in addition to insisting that he will always be grateful for the opportunity he gave him on Mexican television.

“A short time ago Univisión gathered journalists in Miami and we were several from different media. The moment I had him face to face, I told him: ‘I only have words of thanks And I have never answered absolutely anything you said about me. ‘ And we hugged each other. I wish you well, I have practically no contact with him in these years. I wish you to be happy. “



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