And life outside the hospital?

Since the very beginning of the pandemic, the protection of health care in Quebec hospitals has monopolized a good part of the comments and interventions of Premier François Legault during his numerous press briefings addressed to the population.

Along with his warnings against the overflow of cases infected with COVID-19 and the potential lack of beds to accommodate them, François Legault has repeatedly stated ad nauseam that he fully understands the impact of the measures. sanitary conditions that it imposes on the population but that the alarming circumstances in the hospitals prevent it from easing the sanitary instructions.

Well, almost two long years later, the Prime Minister’s speech has not changed except that he has tightened his demands by deciding to close all non-essential businesses on December 30, in particular restaurants, shows and cinemas, gyms, and to put an end to all sports activities among young people, in particular organized hockey. However, it is not surprising that discontent is being felt more and more among the owners affected by these measures, and that young people are completely demotivated towards hockey, their morale is flat.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the population has demonstrated exemplary resilience, responding wisely to calls for the protection of health care. Today, movements are organizing to challenge health measures. The climate is unhealthy.

It is high time for François Legault to turn to the demoralizing life of those who continue to eke out a living outside the hospital and to bring relief to health measures as soon as possible, starting with the reopening of non-essential businesses and the resumption of sporting activities among young people… Failing which the Prime Minister risks being confronted with a generalized movement of civil disobedience!

Henri Marineau, Quebec

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