AMLO, opening a horizon in politics in Latin America: Muñoz Ledo

Even with his criticism of Morena and the Fourth Transformation, Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, former president of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Deputies, affirmed that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is opening “a new horizon of political representation in Latin America” ​​and assured that “It is obvious” that all of Latin America is going to the left.

In an interview, after attending the tribute for the 125th anniversary of the birth of the poet Carlos Pellicer at the Palace of Fine Arts, the former legislator stated that the Head of the Federal Executive is moving forward to promote autonomy and sovereignty for the Latin American region.

“I am an enthusiast of what you are doing [el presidente López Obrador], opening a new horizon of political representation in Latin America, a great project because Latin America is going to the left: in Chile, in Peru; in Brazil Lula will surely win. Mexico has to get ahead of that time and the President is doing it, I am very enthusiastic and very supportive of what López Obrador is seeing in Latin America.

“The policy that the President is carrying out in Latin America is very important. I am enthusiastic about what he is doing, he is giving, he is advancing time, because it is obvious that all of Latin America is going to the left. The President is anticipating that time to capture and promote sovereign autonomy in Latin America, it is important that Mexico is in the front row, and it is doing so”, he stated.

He asserted that he maintains indirect communication with President López Obrador because “he is very busy.”

He avoided commenting on the presidential succession of 2024 and on the differences between the federal government and the National Electoral Institute (INE) due to the mandate revocation consultation.

—Who would like or who likes you by 2024? -She was asked.

—If it is not about tastes, they are historical processes, they are not anyone’s tastes, they are historical processes, at least it is not a matter of tastes, they are historical processes. And if I told you who I don’t like, I would give you an answer, but it’s not lemon ice cream versus vanilla ice cream, they are historical processes, of ideological and political convictions. I’ll give a lecture when you get the opportunity, he said.

Muñoz Ledo acknowledged that he advises Movimiento Ciudadano because “they have asked me for advice on social democracy, I was, well, perhaps, the Mexican who was closest to the social democratic movements. I gladly give it to them, I no longer aspire to any popularly elected position”.

The former deputy stated that he is open to advising parties and personalities for free, and has even created a foundation that bears his name. “They tell me: ‘Why didn’t you want another name?’ I called it the Porfirio Muñoz Ledo Foundation because I am already in the plan to bequeath and I am open”.

—Don Porfirio, what do you think of these circumstances regarding the INE and the revocation of the mandate, the resources? -She was asked.

“Those are topics for another press conference.” Another day Yes. -answered.


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