ALL REVEALED! Irvan’s Reason for Separating Rendy and Jessica Answered in the Bond of Love Tonight, all for the sake of…

BUSINESS POTENTIAL – What causes Irvan Primary separate Jessica Bella with Abdullah Randy finally uncovered on Love Bond 18 November 2021, at 19.45 WIB.

In one contemplation Irvan actually have good intentions separating Jessica and Randy.

Irvan don’t want her child who is a rape victim to be hurt by Randy if you know what happened Jessica.

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Irvan so terrified of the situation Jessica after being raped.

At that time Irvan think, Randy will leave Jessica You know if his future wife is a rape victim.

On that basis, Irvan separating the two as if nothing had happened.

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By being separated Jessica and Randy, Irvan hope his son will forget all the troubles.

Irvan sure over time, Jessica will be able to forget Randy.


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