Alert! Diabetes Can Attack Young Age, Here Are 6 Characteristics

PRIANGANTIMURNEWS- Diabetes today is not only attack people over the age of 30 only. But the age under 30 years can also be affected.

Diabetes can be triggered by various factors, such as an unhealthy lifestyle. One of them is consuming too many drinks with high sugar content.

In order for diabetes to be detected as early as possible, here are the recognizable characteristics of diabetes: young age quoted from various sources:

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1. Frequent urination
Frequent urination is in line with the amount of glucose in the body. If the hormone insulin or blood-degrading hormone is low, the kidneys cannot filter glucose properly. So the bladder will be full of glucose.

2. Fast Weight Loss
Pancreas in patients diabetes will stop making insulin, as a result the body will have difficulty finding a source of energy because the cells do not get glucose. So the body breaks down muscle to become energy.

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3. Often Feel Thirsty
As a result of frequent urination it will often be thirsty.

4. Feel Tired Easily
Because glucose production is inhibited, so the cells eat can not be distributed throughout the body. As a result, energy cells do not get intake.


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