Alejandría Godínez talks about her duel against America

Mexico.- Hours after day 3 of the Women’s MX League start, Rayadas had a press conference to talk about his duel against America on the Azteca court and was the goalkeeper Alexandria Godinez who showed his face and put on the table the possible scenarios of Monday’s duel but assured that in all of them, scratched He left with the victory. Although they also took the time to praise what the rival did to reinforce themselves in a good way and give the tournament more seriousness as they have done.

Godínez, who was a figure of the Monterrey team in the last final by stopping some penalties, assured that the team’s desire to get the two-time championship it is latent but it is a long process and they will be shaping it as the tournament progresses, “It is a very long road, it is step by step. For now, America is coming, that is the focus now,” said the goalkeeper. In addition, the incorporation of Katty Martínez and more players stood out directly.

“He had good incorporations, that speaks well of the growth of the League, the teams, they are raffling with the women’s, they realized that it is worth investing, forming strong teams, that speaks well,” said Alejandría. Although he hinted that the possibility of seeing better players in a club like America only motivates him to go out and fight for the 3 points before being afraid to face them since they know the great squad they have to fight against anyone.

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For now, he stressed that days before the game Eve Mirror and her teammates have been analyzing each of the rival’s weaknesses as virtues to counteract their game, especially with natural disadvantages such as height, which is something that always puts many Mexican soccer teams in trouble, although in the Liga MX Femenil They have adapted much better to all of this.

Alejandría Godínez is confident in her team’s victory against América | Photo: Capture

“We are analyzing the rival. Those details of the height, it is something that identifies the team that does not let those things get into their heads. Confidence a hundred. We are the ones who are and ready to get the 3 points in the Azteca“, sentenced the player. The actions of the Women’s MX League for both teams will last until Monday, January 24, where America receives the champions in the Azteca and will try to dent the crown, both teams seek to take away the undefeated one from the other.

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For now, Rayadas is in 8th place in the standings with 3 points, but with one less game, while America He is sixth with 4 units as a result of a tie and a victory. This will be one of the big matches of day 3, so a true clash of giants is expected.

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