Albania-Poland, Albanian fans’ bottle throwing and race suspended

After Swiderski’s winning goal, the Polish players were hit and left the field. Then the match continues. At the moment Albania would be out of the World Cup

After the goal of Poland’s advantage against Albania, scored by Swiderski in the 77th minute, a shower of plastic bottles and other objects invaded a slice of the Tirana stadium and hit the opposing players. The race was suspended for about 20 minutes, then resumed albeit in a surreal atmosphere and ended at minute 106.

The episode

After the goal, the Polish players interrupted the celebrations because they were hit several times by plastic bottles and other objects thrown from the stands by the Albanian fans, especially to the right of the goal defended by Berisha. As a reaction, the visiting team left the pitch waiting to see if the match would resume, as it did. It ended 1-0 for Poland who thus overtook the Albanian national team in second place in group I, a position that would be worth access to the playoffs and would still allow us to hope for a ticket to Qatar. In the next round, Albania will have to contend with England and Lewandowski’s team against Andorra.


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