Al-Ahly examines Walid Suleiman’s “shoulder” after the summit’s “Saddam” summit

Walid Suleiman, Al-Ahly player, undergoes a medical examination before the team’s training today, Sunday, to find out the size of his shoulder injury that he suffered during the Zamalek match yesterday, in which Al-Abyad won by three goals against a goal, and the examination determines the size of the player’s injury and his position on the upcoming training and matches, especially as Solomon suffers from severe shoulder pain.

Yesterday, the summit match witnessed a violent confrontation between Walid Suleiman and Mohamed Abdel Shafi, the Zamalek player, after which he left the match, while Suleiman continued the match while suffering from severe shoulder pain as a result of this violent contact.

Al-Ahly begins at half past five this evening at the Touch Stadium, preparing for the El Gouna match scheduled for nine in the evening next Wednesday in the Premier League.

On the other hand, Al-Ahly management refused to make changes in the technical staff of the team after the loss from Zamalek, and a source in Al-Ahly The club management, whether at the level of the board of directors or the planning committee, admits that there are mistakes in the team, which was clearly evident in the Zamalek match yesterday, whether in terms of the modest capabilities of some players and their failure over the past period to prove themselves with the team or mistakes on the part of the technical director in Managing some matches, the last of which was to meet Zamalek.

The source added that the administration will try to remedy these mistakes quickly in order to correct the team’s course and restore victories quickly to preserve the local league title, explaining that Al-Ahly is still at the top of the competition, 14 points behind Zamalek, who is in second place, and Al-Ahly is still the closest to deciding the league championship. .

The source pointed out that what was reported about making changes in the technical apparatus by thanking Mr. Abdel Hafeez, the football director, is incorrect because this is not one of the Al-Ahly club’s habits, which does not make technical changes during the season except in the narrowest limits, indicating that the club management supports the technical apparatus. And the team is with work to correct mistakes in order to preserve the league title and restore the African Championship.

The source pointed out that Al-Ahly has an important match next month with Moroccan Wydad in the semi-finals of the African Champions League, and it is necessary to join hands before it in order to support the team to surpass the aftermath of the Moroccan champion and complete the journey towards winning the title.


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