Agus Garbage Can: A place in Like House in an embrace with a garbage can

When Prima TV announced that it was a model Agáta Hanychová (36) will live locked up in a villa for three months, she did not hide her motivation. “Yes, I do it to support my children. It’s a job like any other, “she said. She took care of her daughter Miu (3) and son Kryšpín (10) with her mother Veronika Žilková (60), she took care of everything. She was even more shocked when the photojournalists caught her Aha! home.

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She cleaned the trash can in front of the house, instead of broadcasting wisdom live. The television immediately hurried to comment – it was planned! “But I promised it would be a surprise for influencers and spectators. The reason was that the fact that I would leave the villa after eight days would not affect the other competitors in their approach to me. “ commented the model, who, according to her own words, felt like an alien among the young people in the villa. But he will continue to work with Like House 2.

Instead of commanding the villa, he pulls a trash can



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