Activision Blizzard put more than thirty employees on the street for inappropriate behavior | Financial

A total of 37 employees have been summarily dismissed since July, while 44 employees have been subject to disciplinary sanctions following an investigation. An Activision Blizzard spokesperson confirmed this to the Wall Street Journal.

Action Blizzard known for the game, among other things War of Worldcraft has been under fire for some time after the American company allegedly ignored allegations of sexual harassment for years. CEO Kotick in particular received the full layer because he would be familiar with the incidents. A large group of employees had already pushed for his resignation at the end of last year.

pulled the bell

A government agency in the state of California had also previously raised the alarm with Activision Blizzard about abuses in the workplace. For example, there were complaints about ‘a sexist culture’. In addition, women would be paid less than men.

The US regulator SEC is also conducting an extensive investigation into the state of affairs at Action Blizzard. The primary focus is on the extent to which the game company has informed its shareholders in a timely manner about the alleged problems surrounding sexual harassment, but also discrimination.

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