According to Hammer judgment: This is how savers can get their money back | Regional

Munich – The Federal Court of Justice (BGH) strengthens savers who for years have received too little interest on the savings banks’ premium savings contracts.

The Dresden Higher Regional Court decides which interest rate must be applied.

But one thing is certain: For the Münchner Stadtsparkasse, many millions of euros are at stake! The had concluded around 38,500 such contracts with customers.

According to the consumer advice center and the German Lawyers’ Association, around 4600 euros per saver were paid too little over the years – around 177 million euros!

Hans Wolfgang Friede, spokesman for Stadtsparkasse München, on BILD: “Binding statements on the general handling of premium savings contracts are still not possible.”

Attorney Dr. Jochen Weck (59)

Photo: Robert Gongoll

Banking law expert Dr. Jochen Weck (59) from the Roessner law firm advises BILD: “The OLG will now commission an expert opinion that will probably take months. I advise savers to see a lawyer right away. The Sparkasse will want to play for a while. Customer claims will expire at the end of 2022. “

The statute of limitations can only be interrupted by initiating judicial measures. Weck continues: “The Sparkasse’s hope is that the majority of customers don’t know.”

Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter (63, SPD), chairman of the administrative board of Stadtsparkasse Munich, did not want to tell BILD that the bank had paid its customers too little interest for years.


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