A twisted GERB MP nailed Petkov with this question to BLIC TV

The beautiful GERB MP Slavena Tocheva nailed Prime Minister Kiril Petkov with a question. From the rostrum of the National Assembly (NA) she asked what was happening to the Bulgarian sailors on the ship “Tsarevna”, who are still on it.

“We know about the PR campaign you did with the sailors who saved themselves. But what about the others on the ship? ”She asked.

“As you know, our government has made a personal commitment to liaise personally with the crew of this ship. At least every three days, “the prime minister began with excuses.

“For the rest of her, they currently have the choice to leave the ship. “They are not hostages on the ship, even now they are being fed by the people of the port,” Petkov said. It is important to note that the ship is located in a port that is controlled by the Russian military and DNR forces.

“Sailors have no problem – at any time they decide, they can be evacuated.

But they do not want to leave the ship, because you know that the moment the captain leaves, the ship can be taken, “Petkov said.

“For our other ship in the Black Sea – we are also in constant communication. There is an operation to remove mines, we are waiting for the “blue corridor” to open. There is no danger to the lives of sailors, “the Prime Minister added.


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