Sport A player Frank de Boer to be infected with...

A player Frank de Boer to be infected with the feline corona virus | Football


It is unclear as to what a football player, it is exactly about. The player, who in the meantime has been placed in quarantine, did not suffer from the symptoms.

The positive test is as a result of which the entire selection of farmers on Friday in detail, it will be tested.

The former Ajax coach is with the team in the midst of preparing for the MLS, it is a Backup Event, that on the 8th of July to start. The matches are played at Disney World in Florida. Next week it will arrive in the first team.

Also, Saint-Etienne, it is in the wrong place. There, a group of five people tested positive for the corona virus. French football is reporting that three of the players on the profselectie it.

Five people are sitting at home in isolation. The club, on Thursday, the 38-additional tests will be done to the employees at the office. Of them, the outcome is not yet known.

In the French league, it was because of the coronacrisis finally broke down in april. Saint-Étienne is playing or even the final of the Coupe de France. This requires that the date be planned. Most likely will be the final in the months of July and August is to be played.


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