A new director at the Côte d’Or employment center

Djellali Chaou is the new director of Pôle Emploi Côte d’Or

Credit: Photo Job Center

Djellali Chaou, began his professional career with Assedic in 1997. As he took successive positions, he was required to perform his duties within various agencies in Meurthe and Moselle, in Aube , the Marne, the Ardennes, the Meuse and finally the Haute-Marne. At the start of 2022, he left the Grand-Est region for Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.

Back on his professional career:

He began his career at Assedic in 1997 as an allocation agent at the Nancy agency, then in Troyes.

– In 2003, he became a technical and regulatory expert at the Assedic headquarters in Reims.

– From 2005 to 2009, he served as manager of the Assedic sites in Rethel, then Châlons en Champagne

– In 2009 and until 2013, he became director of the Pôle emploi agency in Reims Jacquart and Bar le Duc

– In 2014, he took on new duties as territorial director of the Haute-Marne employment center then Aube Haute-Marne in 2017

– Finally, in January 2022, he left the Grand-Est region and therefore became Territorial Director of the Côte d’Or employment center.

“When I take up my position, I am keen to meet the teams of Pôle emploi Côte d’Or and to discuss with them, to meet the key players in employment, in order to find concrete solutions allowing a sustainable return employment for the most vulnerable job seekers. The context of economic recovery that we are experiencing encourages us to provide even more support to companies in their recruitment projects”.


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